CHULA MED J :   Vol.37  NO. 11  11/1993

Vol.37 NO.11


ภาวะหลอดเลือดแข็ง ปัญหาของกุมารแพทย์ (P. 663)
Pairoj Chottivittayatarakorm

Special Articles

Management of the HIV -infected children. (P. 667)
Thisyakorn U.

Original Articles

Therapeutic comparison between vasodilators and conventional therapy in severe fro of associated with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis. (P. 673)
Futrakul P., Poshyachinda M., Futrakul N., Chaiwatanarat T., Sensiriwatana R., Watana D., Kingwatanakul P.

Cardiac malformations in Down syndrome, Chulalongkorn Hospital. (P. 679)
Chottivittayatarakorn P., Thisyakorn C., Sueblingvong V.

Gastroesphageal reflux in infants with recurrent pneumonia. (P. 685)
Deerojanawong J., Vivatvakin B., Prapphal N., Saengchote S.

Case Report

Adverse effects of ACE inhibitor (Enalapril) in infants with severe congestive heart failure. (P. 691)
Chotivittayatarakorn P., Pathmanand C., Thisyakorn C., Sueblingvong V.

Review Articles

Therapeutic hydration as a treatment for patient with renal disease. (P. 697)
Futrakul N.