CHULA MED J :   Vol.62  NO. 5  9/2018

Vol.62 NO.5


Editorial (P. 755)
Honsawek S.

Special Articles

Special Articles (P. 757)

Death acceptance (P. 761)
Akkayagorn L.

Original Articles

Occupational safety and health of clinical laboratories (P. 773)
Meyoutam C, Sithisarankul P.

Effect of giving planned information combined with actively warmed fluid and forced air warming program for shivering women receiving gynecological surgery under spinal anesthesia (P. 785)
Chitthanom P, Ua-kit N.

Prevalence and fall risk in mild cognitive impairment and dementia at outpatient clinics, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital (P. 799)
Tiyapanit C, Tangwongchai S, Champaiboon J.

Relationship between happiness, personal factors, self-esteem and lifestyles in the retired elderly (P. 815)
Karuhadej P, Vorasiha P, Dangthongdee S, Cherwanitchakorn S, Shuaytong P.

Effects of different pressure at foot reflexology areas of brain on electroencephalogram in healthy adults (P. 831)
Wongcharoen C, Incee W, Thajoy S, Rassameejan S, Kowitthayanon K, Somthavil S, Boonyarom O, Srisupornkornkool K.

Effect of functional balance training on dynamic postural control in those who wear high-heeled shoes (P. 843)
Toiem K, Phonsrithi C, Boonchuay N, Nacharoen P, Tantarawongsa P, Somthavil S, Boonyarom O, Srisupornkornkool K.

Effect of chronic APAP treatment on alterations of astrocytes (P. 859)
Tantarungsee N, Thongtan T, Maneesri – le Grand S.

Review Articles

Health education and health development in the 21st century (P. 871)
Wattanaburanon A, Piyaaramwong P.

Update on diagnosis of Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia (P. 879)
Teeranaipong P.

Premature ejaculation (P. 891)
Tantiwongse K, Srithong S.