CHULA MED J :   Vol.54  NO. 3  5/2010

Vol.54 NO.3

Special Articles

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Inherited epilepsies caused by defects in Na+ channel genes and (GABA)A receptor genes. (P. 195)
Angsupaisal M.

Neonatal outcomes associated with maternal treatment for Graves’ disease. (P. 265)
Thaithumyanon P, Punnahitananda S.

Original Articles

Forensic aspects of unnatural death in children. (P. 205)
Jongprasartsuk K, Charaschisri W.

Treatment outcome of stage Ic ovarian clear cell carcinoma compared to non-clear cell type. (P. 213)
Thaweekul Y, Lertkhachonsuk R, Khemapech N, Manchana T, Sirisabya N, Worasethsin P, Vasuratna A, Tul Sittisomwong T, Termrungruanglert W, Tresukosol D.

Cervical disc dimensions of the Thai population. (P. 225)
Wandee U, Itiravivong P, Tejapongvorachai T, Tangpornprasert P.

Comparisons of pharmacokinetic parameters of valproic acid between responsive and resistant adult epileptic. (P. 237)
Panomvana D, Boonmark L, Sriboonruang T, Towanabut S.

A systematic review of autologous stem cell therapy in female stress urinary incontinence. (P. 251)
Bunyavejchevin S, Manchana T, Supphanimitcharoenporn P, Kanoksil P, Intharapinthuwat M, Rujiwarodom M, Komolvichit M, Sudsuriya M, Tungnunthawiwat M, Siripakarn Y, et al.

Review Articles

Effects of polycystic ovary syndrome on female reproduction. (P. 277)
Sirayapiwat P.

Modern Medicine

Mental Health and Coping Styles among adolescent offsprings of patients with depressive disorders. (P. 289)
Prownebon J, Trangkasombat U.