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CHULA MED J :   Vol.60  NO. 3 

Ethics and code of conduct for human resarch. (P. 247)
Jumlongkul A.

Comparison between direct smear, formalin-ethyl acetate concentration, and Mini Parasep® Solvent-Free Concentrator for screening of intestinal parasitic infections among school-age children. (P. 255)
Sanprasert V., Charuchaibovorn S., Bunkasem U., Srirungruang S., Nuchprayoon S.

Prevalence of high risk for obstructive sleep apnea using STOP-Bang questionnaire in urban Thai population: A pilot study. (P. 271)
Charakorn N. Hirunwiwatkul P. Suksamran A. Chaitusaney B. Chirakalwasan N.

Ethyl alcohol in forensic aspects. (P. 283)
Jumlongkul A.

Development of Children’s Sleep Habit Questionnaire Thai version. (P. 297)
Disayawanwat P. Pityaratstian N.

Effects of Thai traditional massage to anxiety, depression and pain level of patients with myofaxcial pain syndrome at the Clinic of Applied Thai Traditional Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Thammasart Univerity. (P. 313)
Naewboot J. Kanchanatawan B.

Mental health and post-traumatic stress symptoms related to combat in soldiers at Phramongkutklao Hospital. (P. 329)
Penglong K. Lalitanantpong D.

Factors associated with preferences for place of terminal care and of death among cancer patients in King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 355)
Kosolnakorn P.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.60  NO. 1 

Modified bilateral sagittal split osteotomy for correction of severe anterior open bite: Technical note and case report (P. 45)
Tangarturonrasme P, Sununliganon L.

Perioperative outcomes of open radical cystectomy in bladder carcinoma: King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital experiences (P. 1)
Boonnam S, Panumatrassamee K, Opanuraks J, Santi-ngamkun A, Tantiwongse K, Ratchanon S, Bunyaratavej C.

Cost-utility analysis of lifestyle modification program for Thai patients with metabolic syndrome (P. 13)
Sakulsupsiri A, Sakthong P.

Prevalence and associated factors of low back pain among motorcycle taxi drivers in Sriracha (P. 31)
Jongprasitkul N, Konchalard K, Sinthoppong K.

Gastrointestinal side effects of aspirin and its management. (P. 55)
Thongbai T.

Maternal attachment in their early childhood and in their motherhood at Child Psychiatric Out-patient Unit of King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 73)
Kaewpoonsri C, Chandarasiri P.

Stress of students of the Institute of Legal Education Thai Bar Association. (P. 85)
Thawonyutorn C, Kalayasiri R.

Production of a new anti-M monoclonal reagent using human hybridoma technology . (P. )
Boonhai S, Aiemumpron K, Tingtoy U.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.60  NO. 4 

Work-life Balance: Health dimension. (P. 365)
Ratanachina J, Sithisarankul P.

Benign and malignant papillary lesions of the breast: Radiographic differentiation by mammography and sonography (P. 373)
Thongsongsom T, Chayakulkheeree J.

Validation of the Thai version of the incontinence impact questionnaire (IIQ-7) and the urogenital distress inventory (UDI-6) (P. 389)
Weerasopone S, Santingamkul A.

Amphetamines: A review of forensic medicine. (P. 399)
Jumlongkul A.

Self-esteem and associated factors among Thai female patients at Infertility Clinic, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 413)
Miadthaisong O, Roomruangwong C, Rungruxsirivorn T.

Stress and associated factors among caregivers of chronic kidney disease patients at Department of Medicine, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 425)
Penlap N, Rungnirundorn T.

Volunteer motivation, personality and related factors among volunteers of Department of Probation, Bangkok. (P. 439)
Muangmaithong T, Buathong N.

Stress and related - factors of the first-year undergraduate students of Chulalongkorn University. (P. 455)
Khanthakhuarn N, Rungnirundorn T.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.60  NO. 6 

รำลึกพระคุณ ศาสตราจารย์กิตติคุณ นายแพทย์บุญรักษ์ กาญจนะโภคิน (P. 589)

Postoperative outcomes of robot-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy from initial 100 cases at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital (P. 591)
Suvapong Tantasutthanon, Kamol Panumatrassamee, Kavirach Tantiwongse, Julin Opanuraks, Supoj Ratchanon, Apirak Santi-ngamkun.

Compliance and satisfaction of lower limb amputees toward basic prostheses (P. 603)
Kawee Anannub, Pattarapol Yotnuengnit, Jariya Boonhong.

Influence of beam pitch and tube current on lung nodule 64- MDCT - chest protocol : A phantom study (P. 617)
Chatnapa Nuntue, Anchali Krisanachinda.

Review classifications and treatment of Isthmic spondylolisthesis. (P. 629)
Jaruwangsanti N.

Depression and violent behavior of schizophrenic patients and forensic schizophrenic patients at Galya Rajanagarindra Institute. (P. 641)
Namsoot J, Nimnuan C.

Stress and stress management behaviors of insured persons in case of unemployment at Social Security Office in Bangkok. (P. 655)
Panyayonk P, Suppapitiporn S.

Occupation stress and personality among registered nurses of a private hospital. (P. 667)
Maneerung M, Bauthong N.

Prevalence and related factors of pregnant women received second hand smoke during pregnancy. (P. 689)
Ouiyanukoon P, Kalayasiri R.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.60  NO. 2 

Cytomegalovirus gastrointestinal disease in patients with AIDS: A case series (P. 155)
Hiransuthikul A, Hiransuthikul N.

Prevalence and factors influencing smoking behaviors among vocational and technical students in a North-Eastern Province of Thailand (P. 115)
Chaikoolvatana A, Manwong M, Chaikoolvatana C, Saisingh N, Wongthanu S, Kwangtong M.

The outcome of vasectomy reversal with microsurgical one-layer technique at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital (P. 133)
Lumyai V, Tantiwongse K, Opanuruk J.

Multi-detector computed tomography evaluation of suspected acute blunt cervical spine trauma in adult patients at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital (P. 143)
Surawech C, Petcharunpaisan S.

Subtypes of Blastocystis protozoa and clinical association in humans. (P. 167)
Sanprasert V, Nuchprayoon S.

Loss experiences of spouses after dying of terminally ill patients at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 185)
Sathianphattharanan R, Lueboonthavatchai P, Dangdomyouth P.

A pilot study of the effect of progressive muscle relaxation on smoking craving in psychiatric patients. (P. 201)
Chamchoy K, Kalayasiri R.

Prevalence of sexual experience and associated factors of sexual debut among female vocational students in Nonthaburi. (P. 215)
Sara N, Roomruangwong C.

The comparative study of self-esteem and achievement motivation between vocational training school and high school. (P. 231)
Sarndhong K, Pittarattanasatian N.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.59  NO. 1 

Radiation dose on whole brain computed tomography in comprehensive stroke imaging using axial volumetric 320-detector CT. (P. 1)
Admontree S, Krisanachinda A, Laothamatas J,Trinavarat P.

Reliability and validity of a modified instrument for functional reach test. (P. 13)
Pooranawatthanakul K, Foongchomcheay A.

Effect of field of views on cone beam computed tomography radiation dose: phantom study. (P. 23)
Weerawanich W, Krisanachinda A.

Newborn hearing screening. (P. 37)
Utoomprurkporn N, Patarapak S.

Non surgical management in advanced hepatocellular carcinoma. (P. 47)
Thanapirom K, Supasiri T, Wiboonsirichai N, Korkiatpitak P, Treeprasertsuk S.

Quality of life of displaced persons from fighting under registration of MOI and UNHCR at Mae La Temporary Shelter Thasongyang District, Tak Province. (P. 63)
Suriyos C, Kanchanatawan B.

A study of self-esteem and risk behaviors to HIV of inmates in prison with therapeutic community program in Northeastern region of Thailand. (P. 75)
Sa-ardeam S, Sukhontapirom Na Pattalung A.

Effect of information and emotional support on anxiety among caregivers of patients with brain tumor. (P. 91)
Buranasrikul V, laorujisawat P.

Prevalence of depression and conduct behaviors for adolescents (10 - 15 years old), at Rajvithi Home for Girls. (P. 103)
Kongpet S, Suntibenchakul S.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.60  NO. 5 

Staged operation for large malignant proliferating trichilemmal tumor of the scalp: A case report (P. 489)
Chantra K, Angspatt A, Prichayudh S.

Differentiation of papillary renal cell carcinoma subtypes by imaging features of CT scan (P. 467)
Techanitisawad P, Kittikowit W, Sasiwimonphan K.

Validity of Thai version of Mood Disorder Questionnaire (T- MDQ) (P. 477)
Thisayakorn P, Tangwongchai S, Worakul P.

Psychosocial status among mothers of children with chronic lung disease. (P. 575)
Thongsamrit N, Chandarasiri P.

Breast cancer: Epidemiology, prevention and screening recommendations. (P. 497)
Laoitthi P, Parinyanitikul N.

Millennial employees’ work-life balance and associated factors. (P. 509)
Ratanachina J, Rattananupong T, Sithisarankul P.

Factors associated with perception of quality of care in cancer patients during hospitalization. (P. 523)
Kanrat K, Pongthavornkamol K, Wattanakitkrileart D.

Self-esteem and related factors of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder at Child Psychiatric Unit of King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 535)
Khemjinda T, Wacharasindhu A.

Job burnout and problem coping strategies among employees of Government Pharmaceutical Organization. (P. 545)
Ninsanguandecha S, Buathong N.

Depression after childbirth among mothers with obstetric complications in King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 561)
Youngdee K, Roomruangwong C.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.61  NO. 1 

60 years of Chulalongkorn Medical Journal: Honoring the past, Inspiring the present, and Journeying to the future. (P. 1)
Honsawek S.

Assessment of radiation-induced salivary gland change in nasopharyngeal carcinoma: Correlation between clinical xerostomia grade and contrast-enhanced CT density change. (P. 5)
Dumrongpisutikul N, Sapantupong K, Janthanimi P.

Comparison between formaldehyde and salt solutions for preservation of human liver and brain slices. (P. 17)
Jumlongkul A, Traithepchanapai P.

Comparison of the analgesic effects of multimodal approach and fentanyl alone during shock wave lithotripsy. (P. 31)
Wongvittavas N.

Effect of Orthosiphon stamineus plant extract on in vitro dermal papilla cell proliferation and ex vivo hair growth. (P. 41)
Somsukskul I, De-Eknamkul W, Tengamnuay P.

Hair transplantation. (P. 51)
Suwajo P, Pungrasmi P, Panchaprateep R, Haetanurak S.

Risk factors to acute shunt occlusion in infants aged less than three months with congenital cyanotic heart disease after modified Blalock-Taussig shunt operation at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 73)
La-orkhun V, Pongpittayut S, Lertsapcharoen P.

Prevalence and risk factors of low back pain among nurses at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society. (P. 87)
Pimarn R, Wongmatikul V.

Quality of life and preparation for quality aging, Society of Registered Nurses of private hospital, Bangkok Metropolis. (P. 103)
Tipwong N, Suppapitiporn S.

Art projects and creative thinking of elementary school students in Bangkok. (P. 117)
Vinitchayajinda P, Wittayasai W.

Development of small t trauma assessing instrument for secondary school students. (P. 129)
Chuatai N, Chandarasiri P.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.61  NO. 2 

Role of Rehabilitation Medicine in aging society (P. 149)
Piravej K.

Osteoarthritis year in review 2016: biology. (P. 289)

Neutral wrist splint for mild to moderate carpal tunnel syndrome. (P. 151)
Boonhong J, Panyasriwanit S.

Effects of mirror therapy in recovering strength and function of the upper limbs in chronic stroke patients: A randomized controlled trial. (P. 165)
Champaiboon J, Rueangyu R, Sontim V, Piravej K.

Patient-rated Wrist/ Hand Evaluation: A cross-cultural adaptation and evaluation in Thai version. (P. 183)
Jongprasitkul H, Sonthimaneerat T, Somana S, Kitisomprayoonkul W.

Comparison between effects of radial extracorporeal shock wave therapy and progressive resistive exercise in treatments of chronic lateral elbow tendinosis. (P. 193)
Soonsuwan W, Rangkla S.

Shoulder pain or disorders commonly found in clinical practice. (P. 205)
Tantisiriwat N.

Sensitivity and specificity of hand elevation test for carpal tunnel syndrome. (P. 223)
Setthamongkol K, Panyasriwanit S.

Prevalence of anxiety and depressive symptoms in home-care stroke patients effected on motor recovery and functional ability. (P. 233)
Jitpugdee W. Suntibenchakul S. Piravej K.

Prevalence of nomophobia among Thai undergraduate students using smartphones in public university. (P. 249)
Shewarat P, Sarunya H, Napakkawat B, Thanapoom R.

Information seeking behaviors of graduate students at the Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University. (P. 261)
Pongsadiloke S, Angchun P.

Relation between emotional quotient and family communication patterns with Attention deficit/Hyperactivity at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 275)
Kongjaroen J, Wacharasindhu A.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.61  NO. 3 

Professor Thongchan Hongladarom: Great contribution to Medical Education. (P. 291)
Honsawek S.

Chronic myeloid leukemia after chemotherapy for adenocarcinoma of the rectum: A case report (P. 357)
Sanglutong L, Insiripong S.

Randomized placebo-controlled trial comparing efficacy of nonablative fractional photothermolysis combined with topical calcipotriol for the treatment of keloid and hypertrophic scar (P. 293)
Pongprutthipan M, Rojarayanont N.

Prevalence and characteristics of congenital hand and foot anomalies requiring surgery in remote areas of Thailand (P. 307)
Luangjarmekorn P, Kitidumrongsook P, Honsawek S, Boonplian U, Siriwan P.

Agreement of bone metastasis detection between bone scintigraphy and whole body-MRI in hepatocellular carcinoma (P. 321)
Sakdapetsiri W, Numkarunarunrote N, Chaiwatanarat T.

Cross-cultural adaptation and reliability of Positive and Negative Affect Schedule (PANAS) on Thai smokers (P. 333)
Klinsophon T, Thaveeratitham P, Janwantanakul P.

Body size perception in Thai school-aged children (P. 343)
Bongsebandhu-phubhakdi C, Suteerojntrakool O, Tempark T.

Conversation guidelines for improving quality of palliative care services in ICU. (P. 363)
Vejaratpimol K.

Sex assignment, gender identity and gender roles in patients with ambiguous genitalia at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 373)
Kirdchok P, Chandarasiri P, Sahakitrungruang T.

Quality of life and associated factors in colorectal cancer patients with colostomy at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 387)
Atthaphinan C, Lueboonthavatchai P.

Effect of foot reflexology on brain corresponding areas during simple reaction time in healthy adults. (P. 401)
Srisupornkornkool K, Punyapuck J, Inprang T, Nakdee K, Boonyarom O, Somthavil S.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.59  NO. 2 

ครรลองของห้องปฏิบัติการกลาง (P. 115)
พรรธนมณฑน์ อุชชิน

Quality system for POCT: Point of care testing. (P. 119)
Pichitchok Y.

ย่อวารสาร (P. 235)
นริศร คงรัตนโชค

แนะนำหนังสือ (P. 239)
ชุติธร เกตุลอย

Long-term risk of chronic kidney disease in living kidney donors at a single center in Thailand. (P. 127)
Wongvittavas N, Opanuraks J, Panumatrassamee K, Bunyaratavej C,Tantiwongsr K, Ratchanon S, Santi-ngamkun, Prasopsanti K.

Factors affecting decision making of new graduate physicians in choosing potential areas of practice: A national survey. (P. 137)
Ratanachina J, Sathitratanacheewin S, Kollawat S, Tantitanawat K, Pongpirul K.

Emerging role of MRI in breast cancer screening, pitfalls of current breast screening in Thailand. (P. 151)
Wongkietkachorn A, Tantiphlachiva K.

MicroRNA and Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. (P. 165)
Maungpaisarn P, Treeprasetsuk S.

Quality of life of single parents in Bangkok: A case study of Thai single parent, Family Network Foundation. (P. 181)
Srisopa P, Kanchanatawan B.

Postpartum depression teenage mothers: A study at Department of Medical Services, Sirindhorn Hospital, Bangkok. (P. 195)
Phummanee N, Roomruangwong C.

Work happiness of Thai commercial pilots. (P. 207)
Phansuea P, Nimnuan C.

Effects of progressive muscle relaxation on smoking craving. (P. 219)
Limsanon T, Kalayasiri R.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.59  NO. 3 

Discrimination between house dust mite Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus and D. farinae by polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP). (P. 241)
Insung A, Ruangsomboon S, Phumee A, Samosorn A, Siriyasatien P.

Long-term paracetamol treatment induces interleukin-1β expression in human microglial cells. (P. 253)
Wongprom B, Maneesri-le Grand S, Thongtan T.

Accuracy of transcutaneous bilirubinometry compare to serum microbilirubin measurement in Naresuan University Hospital. (P. 265)
Weerakul J, Boonsopa C, Sungprem K.

Volume assessment of normal adrenal gland from computed tomography : A pilot study. (P. 275)
Sasiwimonphan K, Ariyajinda P.

Roles of albumin in patients with chronic liver disease: Evidence- based medicine. (P. 285)
Juntrapirat A, Treeprasertsuk S.

Attitude of being peers of autistic students in integration classroom at a primary school. (P. 301)
Atipanyawong K, SIriboon S, Nimnuan C.

Differences of Developments of children age 1 - 5 years in Bangkok vs. North Region of Thailand. (P. 313)
Somboonmee N, Wacharasindhu A.

Social interaction of students with blindness and normal students, teachers, and other personnel in secondary school with mainstreaming education. (P. 325)
Chongworakul K, Pityaratstian N, Siriboon S.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.59  NO. 4 

Quality of life of transplant recipients. (P. 339)
Phansuea P, Lertmaharit S.

Iron deficiency anemia masking hemoglobin H disease: A case report. (P. 389)
Insiripong S, Yingsitsiri W, Boondumrongsagul J.

Relationships between dengue virus infection in mosquito vector, (Aedes aegypti), dengue cases and weather conditions in Samut Sakhon Province, Thailand. (P. 347)
Kittichai V, Montriwat P, Chompoosri J, Bhakdeenuan P, Pengsakul T, Tawatsin A, Thavara U, Siriyasatien P.

Effects of oral sodium phosphate solution, as a colon preparation agent, on the serum potassium level in patients undergoing colonoscopy at a Secondary Care Community Hospital. (P. 365)
Phuwapraisirisan S, Lertsithichai P.

Surgical site infection in patients undergoing urgent abdominal surgery. (P. 377)
Jaichaiyaphum O, Khuwatsamrit K, Kanogsunthornrat N.

Current management of acute pancreatitis. (P. 395)
Prueksapanich P, Arttawejkul P, Maytapa J, Chiasakul T, Treeprasertsuk S.

Safety and effectiveness of immediately and delayed sequential bilateral phacoemulsification. (P. 413)
Suthanaseriporn N, Dejboontaweesuk N, Songborassamee N, Tangchitcharoen N, Kiriyapong N, Leeratanakachorn N, Zungsontiporn N, Lohawijarn T, Surawattanawong T, Songsakulrungrueng T, Rasriplang T, Mahasaksiri T, Tulvatana W.

Student e-learning Behavior of Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University. (P. 429)
Nujankaew N, Lertkhachonsuk R.

Stress in high school students in Bangkok being tutored for national admission examination. (P. 445)
Palirat K, Pityaratstian N.

Prevalence and associated factors of depression in caregivers of patients with stroke at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 457)
Pakpakorn R, Kanchanatawan B, Charnnarong N.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.59  NO. 5 

Suspicious calcifications in BI-RADS 4 and 5 breast lesions: Digital mammographic-pathologic correlation. (P. 471)
Rattanathawornkiti K, Prueksadee J.

Reliability and validity of the Thai version of EQ-5D-5L questionnaire on patients with chronic disease. (P. 489)
Sonsa-ardjit N, Sakthong P.

Randomized double-blind comparison trial among i-gel™, LMA-ProSeal™ and tracheal intubation with manual in-line stabilization in patients with simulated cervical spine movement limitation by rigid cervical collar immobilization. (P. 503)
Chularojmontri T, Engsusophon P, Deeprasertvit P.

Outcomes of primary valve ablation in posterior urethral valves patients. (P. 517)
Sowanthip D, Bunyaratavej C.

Kidney disorders after Hymenoptera stinging. (P. 525)
Tangvoraphonkchai K.

Stress in undergraduate students of the Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University. (P. 539)
Wongthai P, Nimnuan C.

Child and adolescent psychiatrists and residents in Thailand utilizing the practice of psychostimulant drug holidays in children with ADHD. (P. 555)
Klomchan T, Pityaratstian N.

Effects of modified B.A.S.E. program on the change of behaviors in preschool children. (P. 571)
Sujarit W, Chandarasiri P.

Behavioral problems of tutoring behaviors in senior primary school students in Bangkok. (P. 587)
Natsanga N, Chandarasiri P.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.59  NO. 6 

Skin-only closure for surgical closure of the difficult abdomen with massive visceral edema : A case report. (P. 657)
Satawathananont W.

Clinical success rate of percutaneous management in the thrombosed hemodialysis graft at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 605)
Chatangam N, Pincharoen N.

Blood types of minorities in Bangkok: A study in Thai Sikhs and the Burmese blood donors. (P. 619)
Kerdkaewngam K, Nuchprayoon I, Ovataga P, Pooreekul D, Premprayoon N, Tingtoy U.

Pharmacokinetic, safety and tolerability studies after single and multiple oral administration of Phenethyl isothiocyanate in Nutri Jelly. (P. 631)
Sutthisawad N,Trachootham D, Lam-ubol A, Wattanavijitkul T.

Prevalence of potassium, phosphate and acid-base abnormalities among CKD patients in central northeast of Thailand. (P. 645)
Tangvoraphonkchai K.

Hand transplantation. (P. 667)
Luangjarmekorn P, Kitidumrongsook P.

Psychostimulant drug holidays for children with attention deficit hyperactive disorder prescribed by Developmental and Behavioral Pediatricians in Thailand. (P. 675)
Preechawuttidech S, Wittayasai W.

Prevalence and associated factors of anxiety and depression in colorectal cancer colostomy patients at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 691)
Piputphon W, Hemrungrojn S.

A study of social support and adaptation of autistic children’s mothers at Outpatient Department, Rajanukul Institute. (P. 703)
Nimbute S, Wacharasindhu A.

Depression and associated psychosocial factors of the elderly at the elderly associate of Public Health Center 48 Nakwatchara-utid. (P. 717)
Sasithorn N, Lueboonthavatchai P.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.58  NO. 1 

The cleanroom for sterile products. (P. 1)
Nimitwongsin S.

A study of 17 short tandem repeat loci mutation in Thai population. (P. 19)
Vongpaisarnsin K, Tansrisawad N, Hoonwijit U, Jongsakul T.

Estimating hematocrit using a blood drop sinking time. Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok. (P. 27)
Auewarakul B, Promsuwicha O.

Effect of red yeast rice/policosanol on low density lipoprotein cholesterol reduction in hypercholesterolemic outpatients. (P. 35)
Lekhaphanrat S, Pichayapaiboon S, Sangwatanaroj S.

Work stress and stress reduction behaviors of pharmaceutical sale representatives of international pharmaceutical company in Bangkok. (P. 47)
Titachote K, Kalayasiri R.

Self-concept, problem-solving and aggressive behavior of college students in Bangkok Metropolis. (P. 61)
Jernsawag J, Sughondhabirom A.

Results of ‘varieties of ideas and happy days project’ for anger management in grade 2 secondary school students, Nareerat School, Phrae Province. (P. 77)
Thika S, Chandarasiri P.

Stress, personality, and their related factors of stress among female bus drivers of Bangkok Mass Transit Authority. (P. 87)
Mekrangsiman W, Lalitanantpong D.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.58  NO. 2 

Prevalence of malignancy in adrenal incidentaloma on CT studies in patients with unknown primary malignancy. (P. 101)
Kunchai W, Chaopathomkul B.

Accuracy of esophageal scintigraphy for evaluation of esophageal motility disorders. (P. 113)
Sangsasri V, Sirisalipoch S, Gonlachanvit S, Chaiwatanarat T.

Effect of Thai traditional massage on “craving” response in individuals receiving alcohol dependency treatment in rehabilitation stage at Thanyarak Institute. (P. 125)
Chernchujit N, Kalayasiri R.

Radiotherapy aspects in pediatric Hodgkin lymphoma. (P. 143)
Raiyawa T.

G6PD deficiency in Southeast Asia and G6PD diagnostic tests in support of primaquine treatment to eliminate malaria. (P. 153)
Cheepsunthorn Louicharoen C, Nuchprayoon I.

Effect of information provision program by applying the health belief model on medication adherence in patients with glaucoma. (P. 169)
Rattanamanie W, Preechawong S, Tantisevi V.

Effects of rabbit-assisted therapy on self-esteem, depression and happiness of abused children. (P. 185)
Tantipisitkul K, Pityaratstian N.

Psychosocial and environmental problems and need assessment of pregnant adolescents: A case study approach at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 199)
Yoosuk Y, Chandarasiri P.

Effect of rabbit-assisted therapy on self - esteem, depression and happiness of orphans at Rajvithi Home for Girls. (P. 211)
Jarussri P, Pityaratstian N.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.58  NO. 3 

Occupational therapy for vascular dementia: A case report. (P. 255)
Jongprasitkul H, Sonthimaneerat T, Somana S.

Development of simple and portable device for plantar pressure measurement for improvement of foot assessment. (P. 223)
Thimabut N, Janchai S, Teeramongkonrasamee A, Suputtitada A.

Radiation dose from digital breast tomosynthesis system. (P. 235)
Theerakul K, Krisanachinda A.

Aplastic anemia in HIV-infected persons. (P. 247)
Insiripong S, Yingsitsiri W, Boondumrongsagul J, Noiwattanakul J.

Physical therapy for cervicogenic headache. (P. 267)
Chua T.

Role of essential amino acids and ketoanalogues in chronic kidney disease. (P. 281)
Kittiskulnam P, Eiam-ong S.

Prevalence of anxiety and associated factors in grade five students in Bangkok. (P. 297)
Masaard K, Watcharasintu A.

Attitude towards sexuality of HIV adolescents at The Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Center. (P. 309)
Lakhonphon S, Laurujisawat P, Lbibboon S.

Self-awareness, coping strategies and related factors among patients attending substance treatment program. (P. 327)
Kulkansawat P, Sughondhabirom A.

A comparative study of depression between the elderly living in their own home and those in nursing home for the aged, Mueang district, Chiang Mai. (P. 341)
Suwattanakoop S, Kanchanatawan B.

Stress of custodians of disabled children who attend Special Education Center of the Central Region, Bangkok. (P. 355)
Jongpaisansakul P, Suppapitiporn S.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.58  NO. 4 

Prevalence of pelvic insufficiency fracture in patients investigated by CT or MRI for pelvis or bone scan after pelvic irradiation at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital (KCMH). (P. 371)
Eowchye S, Vasavid P, Numkarunarunrote N, Raiyawa T.

Causative bacterial pathogens of septic patients at emergency department of King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 383)
Malaikanok H, Komindr A, Vadcharavivad S.

Cross-cultural adaptation of the foot care confidence scale into Thai and relationship between the foot care confidence scale and foot care behavior in people with diabetes. (P. 395)
Kanchanasamut W, Pensri P, Janwantanakul P, Gulsatitporn S.

Complications of medial patellofemoral ligament reconstruction for recurrent patellar dislocation. (P. 411)
Promsang T, Yuktanandana P.

Quality of life in chronic low back pain patients from orthopedic disease. (P. 419)
Lertthongthai C, Nimnuan C.

Comparison of pulmonary function between female students wearing untight and tight student uniforms. (P. 433)
Boonyarom O, Chuataharn J, Khaysuwan R, Wongyord A, Somthavil S, Weerapun O.

Resilience quotient and related factors of papers industrial employees in Nakhon Pathom Province. (P. 443)
Tammakran N, Kanchanatawan B.

Adjustment of first year medical students in Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University. (P. 457)
Sreewattanawanit N, Pityaratstian N.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.58  NO. 5 

Multidetector computed tomography angiographic imaging of the inferior mesenteric artery : Aberrant branches and branching patterns. (P. 471)
Ubolviroj P, Arjhansiri K.

Relationship of 99m Tc-Pertechnetate and 131I thyroid uptake in patient with hyperthyroidism. (P. 485)
Navikhacheevin C, Krisanachinda A, Kingpetch K.

The relations between perceived susceptibility, perceived severity, and preventive behavior to osteoporosis of high-risk persons in five provinces in North-Eastern Thailand. (P. 497)
Aramwiroj M, Chaikoolvatana A, Chaikoolvatana C.

Surface-coated tunneled hemodialysis catheters. (P. 511)
Chancharoenthana W, Eiam-ong S.

Need for cognition of first year students at Chulalongkorn University. (P. 525)
Asayaporn P, Nimnuan C.

Development of abdominal exercise machine. (P. 537)
Boonyarom O, Jansrikhot N, Somwan B, Saiyat S, Somthavil S, Sangphong R.

Depression loneliness and self-esteem of the elderly in Bangkae Home and private homes for the aged in Bangkok. (P. 545)
Promjun T, Suppapitiporn S.

Body image and its associated factors in patients with breast cancer with mastectomy at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 563)
Cheewabantherng C, Roomruangwong C.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.58  NO. 6 

Pulmonary artery sarcoma: a rare cause of lung masses and tumor emboli. (P. 613)
Jirisant W, Kongpolprom N.

Uremic tumoral calcinosis, report of a rare case at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 621)
Kumtornrut C, Numkarunarunrote N, Rerknimitr P.

Cardiac herniation following intrapericardial pneumonectomy in an advanced lung cancer patient with intractable lung abscess. (P. 629)
Kongpolprom N.

Prevalence of vascular thrombosis and obstetric complications in systemic lupus erythematosus patients with antiphospholipid antibody. (P. 577)
Mahaparn P, Rojnuckarin P.

Thrombolytic therapy in patients with submassive pulmonary embolism: A systematic review. (P. 589)
Kittinaradorn D, Tangnuntachai N, Wongjarupong N, Longchit D, Atipookanok S, Boondarikpornpant T, Nopmaneepaisarn T, Papassornsiri T, Soopanit T, Tantirungsi T, Supakmontri T, Rattanaphong T, Suksirivoraboot T, Pachinburavan M, Katavetin P.

Polymorphisms of ABCC2, ABCC4, ABCC10 and SLC22A6 in Thai HIV - infected patients. (P. 599)
Mitruk S, Avihingsanon A, Punyawudho B.

Update in chronic heart failure medical therapies. (P. 637)
Siwamogsatham S, Vorasettakarnkij Y.

Cardiovascular complications in β-thalassemia patients. (P. 657)
Satitthummanid S, Uaprasert N.

Development of chair walker and leg-exercise machine. (P. 673)
Boonyarom O, Chankaenthong P, Lersatitrung N, Somthavil S, Sangphong R, Kongsuk J.

Self-esteem and associated factors of teenagers with first pregnancy. (P. 683)
Shuaytong P, Nammgorn B, Karuhadej P, Cherwanitchakorn S.

Happiness assessment tool for the elderly. (P. 697)
Maneesukkasem P, Tunvirachaisakul C.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.57  NO. 1 

Utility of real-time ultrasound-guided central venous catheterization in infant patients in interventional radiology at KCMH. (P. 1)
Kiatrungruangdee P, Pinjaroen N, Tantivattana J.

Recurrence ptosis after frontalis suspension: Evaluation of associated factors. (P. 13)
Layanun V, Tinnangwattana U, Tirakunwichcha S.

Extrahepatic collateral blood supply of hepatocellular carcinoma : Prevalence and success rate of chemoembolization in King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 25)
Ekajchariya K, Pinjaroen N, Kosolpun P.

Effects of sauna on flexibility, strength and cortisol level in people with allergic rhinitis. (P. 39)
Kunbootsri N, Arayawichanond P, Chainunsmith S, Kanpittaya J, Sawanyawisut K, Auvichayapat P, Janyacharoen T.

Prevalence of UGT1A4 and UGT2B7 polymorphisms in Thai patients. (P. 49)
Singkham N, Towanabut S, Lertkachatarn S, Punyawudho B.

Effect of kinesio taping combined with stretching on heel pain and foot functional ability in persons with plantar fasciitis: a preliminary study. (P. 61)
Yamsri C, Pensri P, Janwattanakul P, Boonyong S, Romsai W, Rattanapongbundit N.

Quality of Life of Registered Nurses in Private International Hospital. (P. 79)
Toojinda K, Suppapitiporn S.

Factors related to depression in elderly monks in Bangkok Metropolis. (P. 93)
Sriwilas T, Thavichachat N.

Reliability and validity of International Personality Item Pool- Thai version (IPIP-Thai). (P. 107)
Jatupornphan J, Nimnuan C.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.57  NO. 2 

A new simulation model of intraocular pressure estimation by finger palpation. (P. 121)
Omapinyan S, Mavichak A, Santipas W.

Management of persistent bile leak after complex liver injury with a rendezvous procedure: Report of a case. (P. 203)
Prichayudh S, Pungpapong S, Kranokpiraksa P, Sriussadaporn S, Samorn P, Pak-art R, Sriussadaporn S, Kritayakirana K, Limpavitayaporn P, Rongviriyapanich A.

Comparison of the efficacy and adverse effects of bipolar radiofrequency turbinate reduction with and without lateral outfracture in the treatment of inferior turbinate hypertrophy: A randomized controlled trial. (P. 131)
Aeumjaturapat S, Limchatpaiboon P, Chatwiwat Y, Chusakul S, Phannaso C, Tulvatana W, Thanaviratananich S, Punyasang W.

Sequence analysis of Ancylostoma secreted protein 2 of Necator americanus from Thai isolates. (P. 145)
Ungcharoensuk C, Pattanawong U, Tia T, Putaporntip C, Jongwutiwes S.

Bioequivalence of azithromycin for oral suspension after a single dose 600 mg oral administration. (P. 161)
Banharnsupawath P, Thanindratarn W, Suvanakoot U.

A cross-sectional study of dentine hypersensitivity and predisposing factors at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Thailand: A pilot study. (P. 175)
Narongdej T, Sakoolnamarka R, Dhanuthai K.

Effects of playing video game on cognitive function in persons with mild cognitive impairment at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 187)
Leelavanichkul K, Hemrungrojn S.

Contrast enhanced magnetic resonance cholangiography (CE-MRC). (P. 211)
Ratasirayakorn P, Tanpowpong N.

Stress level and related factors in parents of autistic children at Outpatient Department, Rajanukul Institute. (P. 223)
Phanthaphak D, Chandarasiri P.

Comparison of Myofascial pain syndrome and lomplaipattakad diagnosis in Thai traditional medicine clinic. (P. 239)
Yodtor U, Nimnuan C.

Behavior modification by parents in children with attention deficit hyperactivity (ADHD) attending Child Psychiatric Unit at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital and Nakhon Ratchasima Rajanagarindra Psychiatric Hospital. (P. 253)
Pattanaworapong W, Pittayarattanasatern N.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.57  NO. 3 

Correlation between nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and diabetes. (P. 269)
Treeprasertsuk S.

Self-management support interventions for type 2 diabetic patients. (P. 279)
Jiamjarasrangsi W.

Gastric volvulus in an Ehler-Danlos patient: A case report. (P. 359)
Prichayudh S, Pak-art R, Vejchapipat P, Sriussadaporn S, Samorn P, Chaivanijchaya K, Sriussadaporn S, Kritayakirana K.

ย่อวารสาร (P. 443)
พรเทพ อังศุวัชรากร

Prevalence of GERD in a community-based examination in Thailand. (P. 293)
Treeprasertsuk S, Thongbai T, Rattanachuek T, Mahachai V.

Genotyping of Plasmodium falciparum by allele-specific amplification of the merozoite surface protein-1 locus. (P. 305)
Saichanapun W, Seethamchai S, Tia T, Putaporntip C.

What is the normal serum alanine aminotransferase (ALT) value for Thai subjects with the low risk of liver diseases?. (P. 321)
Viriyautsahakul V, Soontornmanokul T, Komolmit P, Jiamjarasrangsi W, Treeprasertsuk S.

Effect of lavender aromatherapy on agitation in patients with dementia at Dementia Clinic, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital: Pilot study. (P. 333)
Srirojnoppakun K, Tangwongchai S.

Effects of Thai dance on balance in Thai elderly. (P. 345)
Laophosri M, Kanpittaya J, Sawanyawisuth K, Auvichayapat P, Janyacharoen T.

Relationship of obstructive sleep apnea and metabolic syndrome. (P. 367)
Chirakalwasan N.

Current management of hepatorenal syndrome. (P. 379)
Norrasetwanich N, Dhissayakamol O, Wongchanayuth A, Chompoopan S, Treeprasertsuk S.

Relationship of the nine most commonly advertised drugs to drug memory of the first year residents at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital: a cross-sectional analytical study by questionnaire. (P. 405)
Praneenararat S, Sangwatanaroj S.

Prevalence of compulsive sexual behavior in men who have sex with men who receive the services at the Anonymous Clinic, Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre. (P. 427)
Dispanurat V, Roomruangwong C.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.57  NO. 4 

Valproic acid, an alternative treatment in Myelodysplastic Syndrome. (P. 447)
Ritteeverakul P.

Clinical outcomes of Diabetic Foot Clinic at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 457)
Bangchokdee S, Tantisiriwat N, Janchai S.

Brain arteriovenous malformations: angioarchitecture and clinical presentation. (P. 465)
Hansakul P, Tantivatana J.

Effective doses in pediatric chest and abdomen CT. (P. 477)
Tantisirivit J, Trinavarat P, Krisanachinda A.

Autoimmune pancreatitis: Characteristics on CT imaging. (P. 491)
Yongpitayapong C, Vachiranubnap B.

A new public health approach to community mental health with social determinants of health resulting from globalization to local community development in Thailand. (P. 503)
Kaewanuchit C.

Prevalence and associated factors of antenatal depression among fathers at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 515)
Rutchanapagit S, Roomruangwong C.

Effects of neuromuscular electrical stimulation with or without resistance training on the strength of the thigh muscle in healthy males. (P. 529)
Pinithsathil V, Sanguanrungsirikul S, Suwanasri C.

Mental health status of outpatients of Thai traditional medicine and alternative medicine at Chao Phya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital. (P. 541)
Kongthongmaneeroj S, Suppapitiporn S.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.57  NO. 5 

Computed tomographic findings in lymphomas of the head and neck at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 555)
Kittyon N, Lerdlum S.

A comparative study of desflurane inhalation and propofol TCI regimen for temporal lobectomy: Early recovery, cognitive functions and costs. (P. 573)
Indrambarya T, Lerdsirisopon S, Tuchinda L, Laosuwan P, Sumethnapis P.

Efficacy and safety of Gymnema inodorum tea consumption in type 2 diabetic patients. (P. 587)
Bespinyowong R, Pongthananikorn S, Chiabchalard A.

Incidence of hyperthyroidism among in-patients with atrial fibrillation. (P. 601)
Chanyavanich P, Polamaung W.

A study of acupressure on range of knee joint movement in osteoarthritis. (P. 615)
Thanerat T, WarongChayakul C, Phakaihran W, Ahsavachutitumrong B, Ploysap S, Paangsrivinig K, Jittakoat Y, Trenchai S, Nithikathkul C, Somana R.

Use of health care services of children with autism at Yuwaprasart Waithayopathum Child Psychiatric Hospital. (P. 625)
Wichaikam D, Wacharasindhu A.

Social skills of youth who play online game at internet cafe′ in Bangkok metropolis. (P. 639)
Raksriaksorn P, Pityaratstian N.

Marital satisfaction and associated factors among female patients at Infertility Clinic of King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 653)
Srimuang J, Roomruangwong C.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.57  NO. 6 

Primary Aldosteronism at Prapokklao Hospital. (P. 667)
Takkavatakarn P, Polamaung W.

Incidental findings of lumbar spine MRI at Bangkok Metropolitan Administration General Hospital. (P. 681)
O’Charoen P.

Association between depression on diet and glycemic control in type 2 diabetic patients. (P. 695)
Wirunrat J, Pongthananikorn S.

Spinal load on daily living activities. (P. 709)
Chalermpanpipat C.

Social supports for methamphetamine users treated as in- patients at Thanyarak Institute. (P. 723)
Denduangboripant N, Kalayasiri R.

Stress and burdens in parents of children who came to Child Psychiatric Clinic of King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 737)
Thongchit S, Trangkasombat U.

Effect of therapeutic arts in the elderly with mild to moderate depression. (P. 751)
Intamuen N, Suppapitiporn S.

The validity and reliability of the Proactive Coping Inventory (PCI): Thai version. (P. 765)
Tatha O, Laurujisawat P, Greenglass E.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.56  NO. 1 

ภาวะอักเสบกับผู้ป่วยที่เข้ารับการผ่าตัด (P. 1)
วัชริน สินธวานนท์

Surgical and anesthetic managements of an adult patient with a giant mediastinal mass. (P. 61)
Sindhvananda W, Luengtaviboon K.

Esophageal necrosis after resection of descending thoracic aorta aneurysm: A case of successful treatment. (P. 71)
Luengtaviboon K, Sindhvananda W.

Preliminary study of factors that influence the length of stays in intensive care unit and hospital after open heart surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 7)
Thaweechaiyapak P, Pulsawat P, Sindhvananda W.

Factors associated with 1-year mortality of patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 17)
Phisaiphun K, Kyokong O.

Validation of Thai version of the Urogenital Distress Inventory and Incontinence Impact Questionnaires. (P. 37)
Manchana T, Bunyavejchevin S.

Acute effects of aquatic exercise on trunk flexibility and low back muscle strength in healthy Thai subjects. (P. 51)
Janyacharoen T, Sa-nguanram S, Sarasuk P, Kaewlamul P, Mato L.

Forensic aspects of injuries resulting from cardiopulmonary resuscitation. (P. 79)
Charaschaisri W.

The efficacy of dermal extracted – bone powder scaffold on the healing of rat ‘s calvarial bone defects. (P. 87)
Hanworawong A, Bunaprasert T.

Identification of forensically important blowflies in Thailand based on the second internal transcribed spacer region of ribosomal DNA and the NADH dehydrogenase subunit 5 gene. (P. 101)
Jantorn R, Siriyasatien P, Tawatsin A, Thavara U, Preativatanyou K.

Effects of mental health promotion program on Mathayom 5 students of Triam Udom Suksa School. (P. 115)
Petkum S, Pityarstian N.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.56  NO. 2 

การทำงานกับสุขภาพจิต (Working and mental health) (P. 129)
รัศมน กัลยาศิริ

Psychotropic medications and psychotherapies in current clinical psychiatric practice. (P. 135)
Suppapitiporn S.

A female teenager with methamphetamine dependence and antisocial behaviors following childhood major depressive disorder: A case report. (P. 211)
Kalayasiri R, Hasook W, Pruttipurk J.

ย่อวารสาร (P. 259)
ไพโรจน์ เสรีเด่นชัย

แนะนำหนังสือ (P. 261)
ภุชงค์ เหล่ารุจิสวัสด

Effects of video cues on inhalants craving in individuals receiving inhalants substance-dependency treatment. (P. 147)
Maneesang W, Verachai V, Kalayasiri R.

Does quality of life of schizophrenia different from other mental disorder? Quality of life : A study in Outpatient Psychiatric Disorders at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society. (P. 163)
Lalitanantpong D.

Characterization of human dermal solutions: New raw material for tissue engineering. (P. 177)
Theerakittayakorn K, Bunworasate U, Bunprasert T.

Effects of comprehensive cardiac nursing program on health-related quality of life in patients with coronary heart disease. (P. 189)
Pragodpol P, Aungsuroch Y, Thanasilp S.

Histaminergic neurotransmission and Tourette’s Syndrome. (P. 219)
Krusong K.

Stress and associated factors among teachers who teach learning disabled kindergartners and elementary students in schools under supervision of the Office of Private Education Commission. (P. 227)
Benyasri C, Roomruangwong C.

Factors related to stress and stress management behaviors of border patrol police company 446 in Narathiwat Province. (P. 243)
Preecha M, Thavichachart N.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.56  NO. 3 

Hyperflexion trauma in the posttraumatic nonunion odontoid process fracture: A case study. (P. 317)
Chaichankul C, Limthongkul W, Yingsakmongkol W.

Expression of matrix metalloproteinase-1 in knee osteoarthritis: Association with disease severity. (P. 265)
Honsawek S, Poonphakdi J, Deepaisarnsakul B, Tanavalee A, Yuktanandana P, Ngarmukos S, Tantavisut S.

Efficacy and safety of diacerein in the treatment of patients with painful knee osteoarthritis: A modified regimen. (P. 275)
Yuktanandana P, Suravech W.

Efficacy and safety of Prosulf-Forte in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 289)
Kitidumrongsook P, Luengjamikorn P, Wangroongsub Y, Tienboon P.

Magnetic resonance imaging based lumbar interspinous distance measurements in Thai subjects. (P. 297)
Tantavisut S, Ittiravivong P, Tangpornprasert P, Virulsi C, Tejapongvorachai T.

Economic evaluation of nucleoplasty compared with conventional opened diskectomy in treatment of contained herniated lumbar disk. (P. 307)
Charoenlap C, Tejapongvorachai T, Kuptniratsaikul S.

Injury to the epiphyseal plate. (P. 327)
Limpaphayom N.

Impingement syndrome of the shoulder. (P. 343)
Apinun J, Kuptniratsaikul S.

Acromioclavicular joint injury. (P. 359)
Tanpowpong T.

Improving behaviors of autistic children by social stories. (P. 373)
Suphakwattana P, Pityaratstian N, Suphamahitorn P.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.56  NO. 4 

ห้องปฏิบัติการอัตโนมัติ (Total Laboratory Automation: TLA) (P. 399)
พรรธนมณฑน์ อุชชิน

Lean implementation in quality improvement of laboratory. (P. 403)
Pichitchok Y, Ganokroj P, Phatthanathiranan W.

ย่อวารสาร (P. 521)
ชุติธร เกตุลอย

Correlation of analytical performance of automated chemistry analyzer between Abbott Architect c8000 and Roche Cobas c501. (P. 411)
Suwannaboot S, Ketloy C, Ganokroj P, Ujjin P.

Correlation between healthrelated quality of life using St. George’s Respiratory Questionnaire and pulmonary function testing in Thai patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. (P. 421)
Kawkitinarong K, Yingchutrakul T, Sittipunt C, Wongtim S.

Effects of aquatic exercise on trunk flexibility, back muscle strength, and pain scale in chronic nonspecific low back pain patients. (P. 433)
Janyacharoen T, Chaichanawongsa J, Namsiri S, Thongduang Y, Arayawichanond P, Kanpittaya J.

Attitude of medical students for graphical recording technique as a critical thinking and creativity expression tool in medical teaching. (P. 447)
Woratanarat T.

Evaluation of DNA extraction by boiling method for PCR-based detection of Pneumocystis jirovecii in sputum samples from immunocompromised patients. (P. 459)
Tia T, Pattanawong U, Kongpolprom N, Putaporntip C.

Asian’s conservative attitudes toward sex and its impacts on women’s sexual practices and reproductive health. (P. 471)
Roomruangwong C, Epperson CN.

Quality of life among Ruamkatanyu rescue workers in Bangkok Metropolis. (P. 489)
Worakul P, Roomruangwong C.

Working condition and stress among staff members of the Department of Dietetics and Diet Therapy, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 503)
Muangcharoen P, Sughondhabirom A.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.56  NO. 5 

Peak flow meter กับผู้ป่วยเด็กโรคหืด (Peak flow meter and childhood asthma) (P. 523)
นวลจันทร์ ปราบพาล

Concepts of communication concerning medical services. (P. 527)
Pancharoen C.

Nephrotic syndrome associated with Plasmodium malariae in infancy : A case report. (P. 597)
Deekajorndech T, Boonyasuwat S, Chanakul A, Rianthavorn P, Kingwattanakul P, Kittikowit W.

Pneumonia due to 2009 influenza A (H1N1) infection in Thai children: Chulalongkorn experience. (P. 533)
Uppala R, Prapphal N, Deerojanawong J, Sritippayawan S, Samransamruajkit R, Pongsanon K.

Effectiveness of peak flow meter in management of childhood asthma. (P. 545)
Tunnitisupawong T, Prapphal N, Deerojanawong J, Sritippayawan S, Samransamraujkit R.

Serum levels of estradiol and follicle stimulating hormone, and vasomotor symptoms in Thai women receiving GnRH analogue before laparoscopic enucleation of endometriotic cysts. (P. 557)
Bunyavejchevin S, Wisawasukmongchol W.

Frequency and following study of uterine leiomyoma variants in patients having surgery at Charoenkrungpracharak Hospital. (P. 569)
Anansakunwat W, Yodavudh S,Tangjitgamol S, Jesadapatarakul S.

The effective dose and image noise in pediatric CT brain at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 585)
Navanopparatskul B. Trinavarat P. Krisanachinda A.

Anxiety and depression in stroke patients at the Thai Red Cross Rehabilitation Center. (P. 603)
Taveemanoon S, Sukonthamarn K.

Attitudes and childcare functions of caregivers in private childcare centers in Lamphun Province. (P. 613)
Sombatmai P, Chandarasiri P.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.56  NO. 6 

การเปลี่ยนผ่านทางระบาดวิทยา (Epidemiologic transition) (P. 627)
วิฑูรย์ โล่ห์สุนทร

Peer support for type 2 diabetes self-management. (P. 629)
Jiamjarasrangsi W.

Psychological rehabilitation of cognitive function in stroke patients. (P. 647)
Taveemanoon S.

Expectant management of superimposed preeclampsia on chronic hypertension at the onset of 22 weeks’ gestation: A case report. (P. 731)
Yamasmit W, Chaithongwongwatthana S.

ย่อวารสาร (P. 763)
ธนะภูมิ รัตนานุพงศ์

Colorectal cancer tumoral and nodal staging : Comparison between CT findings and pathological findings. (P. 659)
Busaman J, Chaopathomkul B, Wisedopas N, Vajragupta L.

Development of disease-specific health-related quality of life questionnaire for Thai adolescents with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). (P. 675)
Pattaragarn A, Eiam-Ong S.

Endovascular treatment in hemodialysis-related central venous obstruction: Angiographic findings, both before and after treatment, outcome and complications. (P. 689)
Jongjaroonrangsun M. Kranokpiraksa P. Tantivatana J.

The Thai Violence Risk Scale (TVRS) persons with schizophrenia: Development and initial validation. (P. 699)
Nakcharoen U, Yunibhand J, Chaiyawat W.

Factors associated with quality of life of breast cancer patients. (P. 719)
Thanasilp S, Wongpromchai M.

Preventive one million steps : Walk for health. (P. 739)
Urith S, Jiamjarasrangsi W, Lohsoonthorn V.

Correlation between activities of daily living, social supports for stress of hypertensive patients at Lomsak Hospital, Petchabun Province. (P. 747)
Jankham B, Lalitanantpong D.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.55  NO. 1 

Drugs and promotions: basic arguments on their controversial areas. (P. 1)
Vatjanapukka V.

Functional improvement of stroke patients at Thai Red Cross Rehabilitation Center. (P. 9)
Tantisiriwat N, Srinkapaibulaya A.

Reduction of stress, depression and overweight by awareness of problems in Thai medical students, Srinakharinwirot University. (P. 19)
Kongsomboon K, Pattarathitinan D.

Effects of aquatic exercise on pulmonary function in healthy Thai subjects. (P. 29)
Janyacharoen T, Chaichanawongsa J, Namsiri S, Thongduang Y, Arayawichanond P.

Clinical application of pharmacogenetic markers for drug dosing. (P. 39)
Sukasem C.

Happiness and related factors of managing directors in industrial plants in Bangkok. (P. 55)
Wattanasup J, Kalayasiri R.

Quality of life of pregnant women who decide to terminate their pregnancy. (P. 65)
Rattanaprasop N, Nimnuan C.

Pupil sizes of bodies with variant post-mortem intervals. (P. 77)
Sinpajakpon P, Vongpaisarnsin K.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.55  NO. 2 

Common CT findings of cholangiocarcinoma at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital (KCMH). (P. 89)
Paiboon C, Vajragupta L, Tanpaopong N.

Correlation between nerve conduction study (NCS) and clinical improvement in carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). (P. 107)
Boonhong J, Somsud K.

Factors affecting depression in workplace: Marital status, BMI, stress level, work duration, job pattern, and daytime sleepiness. (P. 117)
Kongsomboon K.

Effects of meloxicam and etoricoxib on blood pressure and vascular reactivity in rats. (P. 127)
Trongtorsak P, Sukpat S, Buapool D, Thornola K.

Anti-r-HuEpo associated pure red cell aplasia: Information update. (P. 143)
Praditpornsilpa K.

Severity of methamphetamine relapses of individuals receiving substance-dependency treatment at Thanyarak Institute. (P. 153)
Jitpong W, Verachai V, Kalayasiri R.

A study of bacteria in autopsy room at Chulalongkorn Forensic Center, Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University. (P. 171)
Thepsitthar G, Hoonwijit U, ChatsuwanT, Nilgate S.

Mental health problems of new Thai army recruits in Phra Mongkutklao Hospital. (P. 181)
Khantong P, Nimnuan C.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.55  NO. 3 

Catch-up growth in a girl with prolonged autoimmune hypothyroidism complicated by precocious puberty after thyroid hormone replacement. (P. 253)
Supornsilchai V, Kongkanka C, Wacharasindhu S.

Ankle morphometry for development of ankle prosthesis. (P. 193)
Khanasuk Y, Itiravivong P, Tangpornprasert P, Virulsri C.

Characteristics of GafchromicTM EBT film for dosimetric verification for high energy photon beams. (P. 207)
Wongjom P, Suriyapee S, Sanghangthum T, Oonsiri S, Insang P.

Sufficient activity is important for mobility of well-functioning elderly. (P. 221)
Amatachaya S, Thaweewannakij T, Srisim K, Wongsa S, Phiwjinda K, Mato L, Siritarathiwat W.

Effectiveness of alcohol craving control program on alcohol consumption in persons with alcohol dependence. (P. 233)
Suktrakul S, Yunibhand J, Chaiyawat W.

Application of Roy’s Adaptation Model in nursing care for patients with end stage renal disease requiring hemodialysis. (P. 261)
Yodchai K, Oumtanee A, Matchim Y, Niyomthai N.

Radiographic analysis of elbow size. (P. 273)
Sukcharoenyingyong S, Tienboon P, Itiravivong P, Tangpornprasert P, Virulsri C, Tansatit T.

Stress and associated factors among Ruamkatanyu rescue workers in Bangkok Mmetropolis. (P. 283)
Somboon P, Roomruangwong C.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.55  NO. 4 

Correlation of computed tomographic findings in blunt liver trauma with treatments and outcomes at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 299)
Prabnutchawong N, Vajragupta L, Tanpowpong N.

Effect of phenytoin, phenobarbital and valproic acid on carbamazepine clearance and therapeutic out come: derived from routine therapeutic drug monitoring data at Prasat Neurological Institute. (P. 311)
Traiyawong T, Panomvanna D, Towanabut S.

Impact of different CT slice thickness on clinical target volume for intensity modulated radiation therapy : A phantom study. (P. 327)
Siripachot P, Asavametha N, Oonsiri S.

Prediction of contrast-induced nephropathy after percutaneous coronary intervention: Role of contrast volume/body weight ratio. (P. 341)
Chaemchoi T, Punyawudho B, Srimahachota S.

Demographic factors associated to survival of HIV/ AIDS patients in southernmost province of Thailand. (P. 355)
Chaimay B, Woradet S, Sukkasem K.

Anxiety about job application in senior undergraduate students. (P. 367)
Ua-ariyapanichkul P, Nimnuan C.

Interests in medical specialties, personalities and correlated factors in choosing future training of sixth year medical students, Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University. (P. 381)
Kaewyod T, Kanchanatawan B.

Mental health problem of older persons in Ban Bang Khae Social Welfare Development Center for Older Persons. (P. 399)
Kochsiripong P, Suppapitiporn S.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.55  NO. 5 

Angiographic findings of Moyamoya. (P. 411)
Topanthanont O, Tantivatana J.

Assessment of the environmental support for physical activity scale among Thai elderly. (P. 421)
Leethong-in M, Yunibhand J, Aungsuroch Y, Magilvy JK.

Relationship between changes of calcineurin inhibitor levels and serum creatinine and cystatin C levels in kidney transplant patients. (P. 437)
Hasatsri S, Chaiprasert A, Aramwit P.

Five-year survival rate in 2002 of head and neck cancer patients treated at Lopburi Cancer Center. (P. 447)
Sukhaboon J.

Relationship between regimen complexity and medication adherence behavior in Thai elderly with hypertension. (P. 457)
Tepsuriyanont S, Jirapaet V, Luangamornlert S, Praditsuwan R.

Calciphylaxis. (P. 473)
Kulapatrapa C, Eiam-ong S.

The association between thiopurine s-methyltransferase *3C polymorphism and azathioprine induced myelosuppression in Thai patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. (P. 489)
Kongpunvijit J, Avihingsanon Y, Hirankarn N, Vannaprasaht S, Wongchinsri J.

Incidence of injuries and sport specific physical fitness of Thai national women’s rugby sevens players. (P. 505)
Choochate K, Chaiwanichsiri D, Sanguanrungsirikul S.

Effect of the art therapy on self-esteem of male substance dependent patients at Thanyarak Institute. (P. 517)
Loysongkroa R, Worakul P.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.55  NO. 6 

พระราชกรณียกิจด้านการแพทย์และสาธารณสุขของ พระบาทสมเด็จพระจุลจอมเกล้าเจ้าอยู่หัว (P. 533)
สมรัตน์ จารุลักษณานันท์, อรนุช เกี่ยวข้อง

ความก้าวหน้าของภาควิชารังสีวิทยา (P. 539)
สุภัทรพร เทพมงคล

An experience with 53 patients of transanal endorectal pull-through for Hirschsprung’s disease. (P. 611)
Buranakitjaroen V, Mahatharadol V.

Differentiating renal cell carcinoma clear cell subtype from other subtypes on multiphasic multidetector computed tomography. (P. 543)
Lertlarpwasin N, Sasiwimonphan K, Kittikowit W.

CT appearances of responsive gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs) after imatinib mesylate treatment. (P. 559)
Sriariyametta S, Sriuranpong V, Arjhansiri K, Chaopathomkul B.

Sclerosing adenosis and radial scar of breast : Imaging findings and breast cancer association. (P. 571)
Sakolnurak M, Boonjunwetwat D.

The patient dose from digital mammography systems using molybdenum and tungsten targets. (P. 587)
Theerakul K, Krisanachinda A.

CT features using in differentiating pleural exudates from transudates. (P. 597)
Piyavisetpat N, Kittisatra K.

Cancer risk from pediatric diagnostic radiology; should we be concerned ?. (P. 621)
Trinavarat P, Manaphol S, Yimpraphan N, Assawakulkamnurd S.

Anxiety over living in society in juvenile delinquents being prepared for discharge from observation and protection centers. (P. 635)
Somboonpong D, Chandarasiri P.

Creativity thinking of chulalongkorn medical students. (P. 649)
Nakniyom J, Nimnuan C.

Prevalence of postpartum depression and associated factors among nursing mothers at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 665)
Withayavanitchai S, Roomruangwong C.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.54  NO. 1 

ความปลอดภัยของบริการวิสัญญีในประเทศไทย (P. 1)
สมรัตน์ จารุลักษณานันท์

Anesthesia for cesarean hysterectomy in a patient with placenta percreta: A case report. (P. 57)
Chinda P, Supbornsug K.

Clinical experiences of malignant hyperthermia encountered by Thai anesthesiologists. (P. 3)
Uerpairojkit K, Earsakul A, Prapreuttham S, Srirojanakul W.

Anti-proliferation and induction of apoptosis by extract of Turbinaria conoides (J. Agardh) K tzing on human cervical cancer cell line. (P. 13)
Saengkhae C, Noiraksar T, Jongaramruong J, Palee P.

Nature of care in Intensive Care Unit at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 25)
Lowphruckmanee W, Huntrakul O, Sindhvananda W.

MRI-Based anthropometric of proximal humerus in Thai population. (P. 39)
Suratkarndawadee S, Itiravivong P, Kuptniratsaikul S, Virulsri C.

Alcohol withdrawal: Syndrome and treatment. (P. 67)
Lalitanantpong D.

Change in cell viability, reactive oxygen species production and oxidative stress in older patients with coronary heart disease under going lifestyle management program. (P. 81)
Saengsiri A, Wunsuwan R, Srimahachota S, Boonyaratavej S, Tanechpongtamb W, Tosukhowong P.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.54  NO. 2 

มารู้จักหมอไคโรแพรกติกกันเถอะ (P. 99)
เสก อักษรานุเคราะห์

Up-to-date rehabilitation in Parkinson’s patients. (P. 101)
Suputtitada A.

แคลเซียมและวิตามิน - ยาต้องห้าม (P. 189)
ศ. กิตติคุณ น.พ. เสก อักษรานุเคราะห์

Effectiveness of rehabilitation programs for shoulder pain at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 111)
Chantathai N, Boonhong J.

Effect of TENS on cognition, behavior and memory in normal elderly persons. (P. 125)
Treekittichai A, Aksaranugraha S.

Foot dimensions in Thai diabetes. (P. 139)
Tantisiriwat N, Janchai S, Viravan T.

MRI differentiation between spinal tumor and spinal Infection. (P. 149)
O’Charoen P.

Quality improvement processes for patient safety in operating room. (P. 163)
Chulakamontri T, Sirivongs P, Suvarnakigh K, Techapongsatorn S, Naksook G, Tankittiwat S, Deeprasertwong P, Wangkaom S.

Perception toward hand washing among caregivers in Thai household with influenza infected child, Bangkok, Thailand: A qualitative study. (P. 177)
Kaewchana S, Somrongthong R, Lertmaharit S.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.54  NO. 3 

กรณีศึกษาการฟ้องร้องแพทย์กรณี “ดอกรัก” (P. 191)
ณัฐ ตันศรีสวัสดิ์

Inherited epilepsies caused by defects in Na+ channel genes and (GABA)A receptor genes. (P. 195)
Angsupaisal M.

Neonatal outcomes associated with maternal treatment for Graves’ disease. (P. 265)
Thaithumyanon P, Punnahitananda S.

Forensic aspects of unnatural death in children. (P. 205)
Jongprasartsuk K, Charaschisri W.

Treatment outcome of stage Ic ovarian clear cell carcinoma compared to non-clear cell type. (P. 213)
Thaweekul Y, Lertkhachonsuk R, Khemapech N, Manchana T, Sirisabya N, Worasethsin P, Vasuratna A, Tul Sittisomwong T, Termrungruanglert W, Tresukosol D.

Cervical disc dimensions of the Thai population. (P. 225)
Wandee U, Itiravivong P, Tejapongvorachai T, Tangpornprasert P.

Comparisons of pharmacokinetic parameters of valproic acid between responsive and resistant adult epileptic. (P. 237)
Panomvana D, Boonmark L, Sriboonruang T, Towanabut S.

A systematic review of autologous stem cell therapy in female stress urinary incontinence. (P. 251)
Bunyavejchevin S, Manchana T, Supphanimitcharoenporn P, Kanoksil P, Intharapinthuwat M, Rujiwarodom M, Komolvichit M, Sudsuriya M, Tungnunthawiwat M, Siripakarn Y, et al.

Effects of polycystic ovary syndrome on female reproduction. (P. 277)
Sirayapiwat P.

Mental Health and Coping Styles among adolescent offsprings of patients with depressive disorders. (P. 289)
Prownebon J, Trangkasombat U.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.54  NO. 4 

Idiopathic granulomatous mastitis: A case report. (P. 363)
Prueksadee J, Boonjunwetwat D, Chayakulkheeree J.

A case of Miller-Fisher syndrome with multiple cranial nerves enhancement on MRI. (P. 369)
Petcharunpaisan S, Lerdlum S.

Mammographic parenchymal patterns of 1,666 Thai women : A mammographic screening evaluation. (P. 303)
Boonjunwetwat D, Thakhulee A. Prueksadee J.

Right ventricular mass detected by cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging. (P. 313)
Tumkosit M.

Mammographic breast parenchymal patterns in Thai women with breast cancers. (P. 323)
Bunjunwetwat D, Dumrongpisutikul N.

Intrathoracic manifestations of lymphoma detected by CT. (P. 335)
Piyavisetpat N, Wettawong K, Assanasen T, Wannakrairot P.

Hepatocellular carcinoma in cirrhotic liver: CT findings and the usefulness of delayed phase scan. (P. 347)
Chaodumrong R, Tanpowpong N, Vachiranubhap B.

Clinical practice guideline for contrast media administration in diagnostic imaging. (P. 375)
Chaopathomkul B, Ruxrungtham K, Leelanukrom R, Avihingsanon Y, Khovidhunkit W, Sunthornyothin S, Rojvachiranonda N, Opanuraks J.

Depression and on-line game playing behaviors of high school students in Bangkok Metropolitan Area. (P. 391)
Satarpontanasin T, Kasantikul D.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.54  NO. 5 

สิ่งแวดล้อมกับสุขภาพของเด็ก (P. 405)
นวลจันทร์ ปราบพาล

Impact of obesity on respiratory system in children. (P. 409)
Sritippayawan S.

Mid aortic syndrome: An unusual cause of childhood hypertension. (P. 479)
Chanakul A, Rianthavorn P.

Activation of endothelial cell, coagulation and fibrinolysis in children with beta- and alpha-thalassemia. (P. 419)
Sosothikul D, Kittikalayawong Y, Bupachart C, Seksarn P.

Antibioticdrug use for the treatment of transrectal ultrasound guide core biopsy of prostate with sepsis (TRUS-sepsis). (P. 429)
Hathaivasiwong T, Santi-ngamkun A.

Health-risk behaviors relate to health problems on annual health check-up. (P. 437)
Kongsomboon K, Loetthiraphan S.

Effect of symptom self-management program on psychotic relapse for patients with chronic schizophrenia. (P. 449)
Stithyudhakarn S, Yunibhand J. Thanasilp S.

Prevalence and mortality rate of severe cutaneous adverse reactions at Siriraj Hospital. (P. 467)
Limkobpaiboon S, Panomvanna Na Ayudhya D, Dhana N, Jongjarearnprasert K.

Hypertension in the young. (P. 487)
Chanakul A, Deekajorndech T.

Body image satisfaction and related factors in postpartum women at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 505)
Kitranun P, Suppapitiporn S.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.54  NO. 6 

ย่อวารสาร (P. 657)
อลิสา จันทร์ปี สุรางค์ นุชประยูร

A case report of severe adverse reactions following diethylcarbamazine treatment of lymphatic filariasis. (P. 593)
Nuchprayoon S, Sanprasert V, Jaratsing P, Jaijakul S.

Boeck and Drbohlav Locke egg serum medium for detection of Blastocystis hominis. (P. 527)
Saksirisampant W, Nuchprayoon S, Pradniwat P, Lamchuan D.

Wolbachia isolation by fractioned centrifugation from Dirofilaria immitis for protein analysis. (P. 537)
Sanprasert V, Sungpradit S, Nuchprayoon S.

Cost-effectiveness analysis of alkaline lysis, MagNA Pure, and phenol-chloroform DNA extraction methods followed by measurement of single gene copy number using quantitative real-time PCR for Dirofilaria immitis microfilaria. (P. 549)
Sungpradit S, Nuchprayoon S, Chatsuwan T.

CT findings of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital: A study of 40 cases with histological verification. (P. 563)
Swangjitmetta E, Vajragupta L, Wisedopas N, Tanpowpong N.

Active management of the third stage of labor (AMTSL) without controlled cord traction at Nongkai Hospital. (P. 581)
Densiriaksorn S.

Wolbachia of arthropods and filarial nematodes: biology and applications. (P. 605)
Sungpradit S, Nuchprayoon S.

Canine heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis, Leidy) and risk of infection in human. (P. 625)
Tiawsirisup S.

Molecular identification of maggots captured from forensic cases. (P. 637)
Preativatanyou K, Eakachaiworrawut N, Chutivongse P, Sirisup N, Siriyasatien P.

Survey of knowledge of outpatients on locations in the refrigerator for eye drop keeping. (P. 649)
Pornvichitpisan S, Laohapojanart N.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.61  NO. 4 

Professor Chalerm Prommas: 70 years anniversary of Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University. (P. 413)
Honsawek S.

Addison’s disease due to disseminated histoplasmosis: A case report. (P. 477)
Rattanakorn K, Panchaprateep R.

Continuous glucose dynamics monitoring in diabetic patients with peritoneal dialysis. (P. 417)
Wongraoprasert S, Karnjanabuch T, Leeaphorn N, Piyachomkwan K, Suwanwalaikorn S, Eiam-Ong S, Pongpirul K.

Kidney depth calculation by anterior and posterior renal scintigraphy using attenuation – related techniques. (P. 425)
Sontrapornpol T, Chaiwatanarat T, Kawinthammasak C, Kamklon N, Rattanamonrot R.

Effectiveness of Chulalongkorn-Vestibular-Balance- Exercise in patients with acute post-operative vestibular schwannoma. (P. 439)
Utoomprurkporn N, Patarapak S.

Effect of EMG biofeedback to improve upper extremity in children with cerebral palsy: A randomized controlled trail. (P. 451)
Rattanatharn R.

Community health status of Banpa Population: the increasing burden of heatlh risks. (P. 465)
Laoitthi P.

Prevalence of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) diagnosed by controlled attenuation parameter with transient elastography in subjects with and without metabolic syndrome. (P. 483)
Vanduangden K, Chaiteerakij R, Thanapirom K, Sonsiri K, Treeprasertsuk S.

Alterations of relative telomere length and mitochondrial DNA copy number from ligamentum flavum-derived cells in lumbar spinal stenosis : Pilot study. (P. 497)
Dechsupa S, Singhatanadgige W, Limthongkul W, Yingsakmongkol W, Ittipanichpong T, Honsawek S.

Definition and influencing factors of difficulty hospital discharge using focus group. (P. 511)
Akkayagorn L, Chatrkaw P, Sriratanabal P, Manasvanich B, Sa-nguansap T, Meethavorn N, Udayachalem C.

Sick building syndrome and stress among office workers. (P. 525)
Ritwichai A, Buathong N.

CHULA MED J :   Vol.61  NO. 5 

Professor Smarn Muntarbhorn: Father of cardiosurgery in Thailand. (P. 539)
Honsawek S.

Triple-negative breast cancer in Thai patients: Experience in King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 543)
Parinyanitiku N, Thanakit V, Miranda C, Laoitthi P, Manasnayakorn S, Raiyawa T, Sriuranpong V.

Incidence of nosocomial pneumonia and causative bacteria among chronically ill patients admitted in a general hospital. (P. 563)
Sangsawang K, Luksamijarulkul P, Siri S, Pitikultang S.

Improvement of caregivers’ life quality after children with cleft lip cleft palate undergoing surgical correction: The Thai Red Cross project. (P. 577)
Boonplia U, Siriwan P, Snidvongs K.

Category change and incidence of malignancy in Bosniak category II, IIF and III lesions at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital (KCMH). (P. 589)
Sriyook A, Sasiwimonphan K.

Care for victims of sexual abuses: physical, mental and legal remedy. (P. 603)
Jumlongkul A.

Quality time in family of junior high school students in Bangkok Metropolitan’s schools. (P. 619)
Vasupanrajit A, Kalayasiri R.

Adjustment problems of first year medical students. (P. 631)
Arpornkul N, Suppapitiporn S.

Motivation to study medicine of medical students at Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University. (P. 647)
Lawanont N, Pityaratstian N, Phativarakorn P.

Work stress and burnout among licensed lawyers at Thai Lawyers Council under Royal Patronage. (P. 663)
Therdthoonphuphuch Sh. W, Lueboonthavatchai P.

Cosmetic surgery trend and related factors of female high schools students in Bangkok. (P. 677)
Bubphasiri R, Kanchanatawan B.